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Who are We?

Team Sailor Scouts, an all girls Overwatch Team from Montreal, Quebec! We all met at Meltdown, an eSports bar. Our mission: having each of our girls reach their highest potential and introduce more women to eSport.

Team Sailor Scouts official roster is: Fabulous, IDDQT, Mixy, Quake, Annieonfire and Calypso.
Our substitute players are Surlysheep, Tachikoma and Idkmonkey.

What have we been up to?

January 2018

  • Appeared in an article in La Presse
  • Became a Twitch Affiliate

December 2017

  • Voted favourite team in MSI Dragon Cup 5 tournament
  • Happy first birthday team Sailor Scouts!
  • Appeared on 98.5FM

November 2017

October 2017

  • Appeared in an article in Vice
  • Raised $1,200 for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation by Twitch stream produced by MTL Esports
  • Invited to play on stage at the Montreal Video Game Symphony with the Metropolitan Orchestra

September 2017

  • Won 6th place at Dreamhack Montreal
  • Appeared in an article in
  • Joined the Fédération québécoise de sports électroniques and took part in amending the e-sportmanship charter to include sanctions against sexism and cyberbullying

July 2017

  • Invited to the premiere of Geek Girls, a documentary by Gina Hara
  • Hosted a pre-Dreamhack bootcamp open to the public at Mixed Virtual Arts
  • Appeared on Le Téléjournal 18h on Radio-Canada

June 2017

  • Appeared on Girls on Games
  • Surpassed our Indiegogo campaign goals and hosted the celebration at Meltdown Montreal

May 2017

  • Hosted a women's bootcamp at Mixed Virtual Arts
  • Appeared on Geek Collectif podcast

December 2016

  • Team Sailor Scouts is born