• Nick Name :
  • Idkmonkey
  • age :
  • 24 Year old
  • Birth Place :
  • Saint-Constant
  • Field position :
  • Sub // FLANKER
  • First professional club :
  • First Club
  • Job :
  • Biology Student
  • First Video Game :
  • DDR & Sims
  • Favorite Drink :
  • White Boréal
  • Favorite Food :
  • Mexicain
  • Funny Fact :
  • I am an Avocado nuts!


I’ve always been interested in videogames. As a little girl, my parents didn’t want them in the house, so it put videogames into the forbidden fruit category. Being told I couldn’t, only made it that much more interesting to me. I watched cousins and friends have unlimited access to their consoles or PCs. Any chance I could get my hands on a game, or watch someone else play, I took it. Whether I was with friends or family or playing alone on a SNES when I visited my grandparents.

As I got older the rules got lax at home and I could finally get myself some games likes Sims and DDR. DDR was the game that allowed a console inside my home at the time.

My first online game was Guild Wars. A game that made me fall in love with MMORPGs. Soon after, I discovered World of Warcraft, and that’s when gaming took up a lot more of my time. I also played some PS2 games that my cousins would lend me such as Ratchet & Clank, Final Fantasy, Naruto, etc.

Not having grown up playing videogames I found PVP difficult. I felt as if I lacked the basic skills of someone who grew up as a gamer. Despite that, I began to take interest in MOBAs. It was the first type of genre game where I enjoyed playing against other players. I started out with Smite and soon moved to League of Legends. I found my game in Heroes of the Storm, however. Being able to play characters I had grown up with in a MOBA format was the most exciting news ever. I have played it since its Alpha phase having been lucky enough to secure Alpha access.

Having played, or at least tried most of Blizzard’s games, Overwatch caught my attention. I immediately loved the action packed gameplay and each of its unique and varied list of heroes. I am thrilled to be with an awesome team with whom I can reach new heights as a gamer. 🙂